Mixing Business with Pleasure, Safely

Welcome to Safe Dates Only, where the sparks of creativity fly in a world of secure indulgence. Imagine a place where connections, content, and coin blend effortlessly into an intoxicating cocktail of pleasure and peace of mind. With our tantalizingly simple advertising, seductively secure payments, and the allure of uncompromising user verifications, we add a splash of mystery to the mix. Our encrypted messages are our secret whispers, while our silky-smooth scheduling keeps your rendezvous just as you like it. Safe Dates Only – mixing business with pleasure, safely

Who we are

Where security meets creativity, and trust is the currency.

Our goal? We’re shaking things up, adding a generous pour of trust, a sultry dash of respect, and a playful splash of mutual satisfaction. We’re setting the stage for a delightful dance between creators and fans, all under the chandelier of security. At Safe Dates Only, we’re stirring the perfect cocktail of industry standards, and serving it with a seductive wink.

We're here, flirtatiously at your service, wrapping you in a protective embrace.

Where trust isn’t just the currency, it’s the seductive whisper, and security dances gracefully with creativity.

Ready to play?

Craving some fun? Dive into a sea of enticing entertainers, all ready to date and delight. Use our tantalizing search filters to find your perfect match in your own playful playground.

Unleash Your Desires.

With just a few playful clicks, a realm of enchantment is at your fingertips. Let the thrill of the chase guide you, and let your desires run wild. Join us at Safe Dates Only – where every day is a masquerade of intrigue and delight.

Our Promise of Pleasure and Protection


Own your allure while we ensure your transactions are seamless and secure.

Entertainers & Content Creators


Get ready for your spotlight - our advertisement system will put you center stage.


Enjoy the freedom of expression with the peace of mind that your information stays under lock and key.


Dive into a universe of captivating entertainers and uncover your perfect match.

For Fans/Viewers/People Looking


Sleep easy knowing your enjoyment is our priority, all payments are held safely in escrow.


Step into the conversation with encrypted messaging, making every interaction a secure whisper.

Got a bit tied up?

Don’t fret, darling. Our team is ready to untangle any knots. Just give that ‘Contact Us’ button a seductive click, and we’ll glide over to assist you in no time.